Stainless Steel 12″ Outdoor Lighting Stake

This outdoor lighting stake is a 12″ ground spike made of stainless steel. It’s heavy-duty, and is the solution for challenging soil or taller/heavier landscape lighting fixtures. Standard 1/2″ thread. Great for rocky or sandy applications. Can be hammered into the ground or set in concrete.

Pathmark Innovation’s 12″ stainless-steel outdoor lighting stakes are designed to penetrate difficult surfaces and provide solid mounting for state-of-the-art pathway lighting fixtures. They are durable, dependable, and easy to install.

Whether you plan to illuminate the borders of your client’s pathway or driveway or accentuate the boundaries of a garden, patio, or other landscape feature, you will need a well-made stake that will last.

Our extra-strong stainless steel outdoor lighting stakes support pathway lighting designs and can be used anywhere around a property to enhance safety, all while enabling the lighting design that you’ve created to bring a warm, elegant, and stunning ambiance to the scene.

Create a Lasting Design With Our Outdoor Lighting Stake, Made in the USA of Stainless Steel 

Pathmark Innovation offers 12-inch stainless steel ground stakes for more secure, easier installations in challenging soil — or for taller or heavier landscape lighting fixtures.  The ground spikes are perfect for rocky or sandy applications and can be hammered into the ground or set in concrete to support outdoor lighting fixtures.

The stainless steel outdoor lighting stakes are the best solution for any of Pathmark Innovation’s outdoor illumination fixtures. The stakes are made from rugged 16-gauge structural stainless steel designed to last a lifetime.

As professionals in the outdoor lighting industry, we know how important it is for your projects to hold up over time — as well as enhance a sense of satisfaction and pride of ownership for your clients. Solutions should be highly functional, appealing in every application and setting — and exceptionally durable to help you achieve your lighting objectives.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Lighting Stake

Pathmark Innovation understands that their high-quality, durable stakes for landscape lighting are not intended to be the focal point, but that a properly illuminated landscape cannot function or sustain without high-quality support. These stakes are a vital component for maintaining the design objective in place to allow the stunning aspects of the landscape to stand out.

The precise radius of the illumination can be established by adjusting the height of the stainless-steel outdoor lighting stake by increasing or decreasing the depth that the outdoor lighting stake is embedded in the ground.

Other Pathmark Innovation Landscape Products

Pathmark Innovation’s contemporary path lighting is perfect for lining a property’s pathways, driveways, and other landscaping features. The Company also offers durable and beautifully designed modern landscape fabrications and water features that add even more beauty and drama to your landscape designs. You can view these by visiting the Pathmark Innovation website.

Learn About Pathmark Innovations Outdoor Lighting Products

Call us at (702) 745-1158, and one of our Pathmark Innovation lighting experts will be pleased to discuss your project. You may arrange a consultation to discuss any special lighting or outdoor decorative fixtures for your upcoming landscape project.

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel means fixtures won’t break.

  • One-piece welded design eliminates weak points and requires no assembly.

  • Non-integrated bulbs mean the fixture is fine after lamp life expires.

  • High quality water-tight electrical connectors provide a solid connection that lasts.

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.




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