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The Next Evolution in LED Landscape Path Lighting

A well-designed landscape adds untold value to a home – everything from curbside appeal to the simple joy of nature in harmony with itself. Path lighting, therefore, shouldn’t be an afterthought.

At Pathmark Innovation, we offer stylish pathway lighting that compliments your landscape design, yet is durable enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor exposure – from weather and UV to the varying conditions of climate zones.

Made from 16-gauge structural stainless steel and welded to eliminate stress points, Pathmark lighting fixtures simply don’t break – for years of uncompromised use. 

It’s why in anonymous brand choice tests, landscapers have chosen Pathmark Lumination path lights over competitor lights – hands down. You can literally feel the difference. 

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel means fixtures won’t break.

  • One-piece welded design eliminates weak points and requires no assembly.

  • Non-integrated bulbs mean the fixture is fine after lamp life expires.

  • High quality water-tight electrical connectors provide a solid connection that lasts.

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.


Pathmark Lumination™ stainless steel outdoor lights are the perfect choice for landscape lighting professionals to deliver a modern look to their clients, while still providing the highest degree of durability. These contemporary fixtures are thoughtfully designed to add breathtaking ambiance and beauty to walkways, paths, entries, and driveways.

With a background in outdoor landscape lighting, Pathmark Lumination founders have created the perfect line of elegant stainless steel outdoor lighting fixtures that will complement any setting to light the way — safely.

All Pathmark Lumination outdoor lighting fixtures are made from stainless steel for durability and beauty and are available in brush or powder coating.

Benefits of Pathmark Lumination Stainless Steel Outdoor Lights

Stainless Steel Landscape Lighting Adds Beauty and Ambiance

Tasteful, modern stainless steel outdoor landscape lighting adds elegance and style to any property, drawing the eye of any passerby to a setting that can be both dramatic and modern. Pathmark Lumination’s stainless steel outdoor lighting options create an aura about the property, an eye-catching and warm atmosphere that enhances the property’s value while restoring the pride of ownership.

Stainless Steel Lighting is Durable and Indestructible 

Many landscape professionals have worked with outdoor lighting fixtures that look nice when initially installed, but could not withstand Mother Nature’s extreme forces over time. Within only a few years, the fixtures tend to deteriorate and break — and homeowners are forced to find replacements.

Pathmark Lumination stainless steel pathway lighting complements landscape design with fixtures that are durable enough to withstand extreme weather and UV exposure — without compromising their elegant appearance. Made with 16-gauge structural stainless steel and welded to eliminate stress points, these landscape lighting fixtures will not break or degrade.

Many of today’s outdoor light fixtures are fully integrated with their lighting elements. That means a burned-out light requires replacing the entire light fixture. Pathmark Lumination LED lamps can be replaced independently without reinstalling a new light fixture.

Safety Meets Design

Illuminated walkways and paths help to deter unwelcome guests and keep family and friends safe. Paths built with stone or other masonry that have become uneven over time pose a high risk of tripping and injury.

Also, when walkways are not well-lit, vegetation or flowering plants at the edge of the walkway are exposed to damage from human traffic. These can be ruined by guests approaching the home or other areas in darkness.   

Why is LED Superior for Landscape Lighting?

All Pathmark Lumination stainless steel outdoor lighting fixtures designed for pathways are equipped with replaceable LED lamps. These state-of-the-art fixtures illuminate hard-to-reach places with varying degrees of illumination to create the preferred look and ambiance.

And LED lamps last longer.  Our LED lamps can operate for up to 35,000 hours without requiring replacement and will consume only about one-fourth of the power needed to illuminate conventional lighting.

As the most sustainable choice for outdoor lighting, LED lighting contains no harmful chemicals and is non-toxic.

Each LED outdoor lighting unit of Pathmark Lumination’s series of outdoor lighting fixtures is equipped with the G4 3000k Waterproof Lamp. The brightness of the LED lights for each series are:

  • 220 Lumens for the Mora Square, Mora Mini, Vavra Series, Manacher T, and Englert L Pathway Lights
  • 300 lumens for the Eliz Box and Mora XL Pathway Lights

    Visit our Fabrication Division for other Outdoor Stainless Steel Landscape Products from Pathmark Innovation

Our expert designers and fabricators continue to develop beautiful and highly functional stainless steel outdoor embellishments:

Landscape Water Features

Pathmark Fabrication’s water features will provide the soothing sight and sound of flowing and falling water, offering a relaxing focal point or accent to your landscape designs. Choices include a lineup of customized Rain Curtains and other metal fountains perfect for courtyards, gardens, atriums, pools, and more.

Pathmark Fabrication Custom Outdoor Fabrications for Residential Landscapes

Not simply focused on lighting, the artisans at Pathmark have created a range of other custom landscape elements like bed swings, steel trellises, and planter boxes that will enhance the ambiance of any exterior landscape.

stainless steel outdoor lighting fixtures around a swimming pool made in the USA by Pathmark Innovation




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