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Contemporary Path Lights 

For landscape and pathway lighting, contemporary path lights must be stylish, appealing, durable, and long-lasting while emitting ample, non-glaring light that highlights the pathway or other landscape features. The success of any lighting project relies upon the designer’s artistry and vision as well as the quality and durability of the materials used.

Our stainless-steel modern path lights are elegantly designed to create the desired lighting effect for many landscape design applications. Because these are made with durable stainless steel, they will endure the harshest conditions for many years without showing signs of deterioration.

Stainless Steel, Elegant, Perfectly Designed Path Lights — Made in the USA

Manufactured and assembled by our team of master artisans in the United States, our contemporary path lights will provide your clients with stylish, durable, and secure landscape lighting. Unlike some brands of landscape lighting, these fixtures will not deteriorate within a few years.

Beautiful stainless-steel path lights also have the option for 12” stainless steel stakes to facilitate installation on rocky or hard ground surfaces.

Why Are Pathmark Contemporary Path Lights Superior to Others?

Elegant, Sleek, Unobtrusive Design:  Pathmark Lumination’s high-quality contemporary path lights are sleek and tasteful while illuminating the desired areas and features with soft, non-glaring light.

Durable and Long Lasting: Made from rugged 16-gauge stainless steel with your choice of brushed or powder-coating, corrosion-resistant Pathmark Lumination contemporary path lights can survive the potential damage of gardening tools and machinery while withstanding the harshest weather conditions. The one-piece welding design eliminates the potential for breakage at weak points.

Lamps are Replaceable: Unlike fully integrated light fixtures, these contemporary path lights allow for easy installation of new LED lamps.  

Electrical Connectors are Durable: Top quality water-tight electrical connectors provide a solid connection that will last for years without worry.

Don’t Settle for Less

Your reputation as a designer and installer of quality projects is at stake with each completed job. While immediately the finished project may be very appealing, your clients have a reasonable expectation that the lighting and other features will last for years.

Don’t let less durable or cheaper landscape lighting damage your reputation as a professional landscaper.  Installing our high-quality, durable path lights and other outdoor creations will leave your customers delighted with your work for years to come.  

Pathmark Innovation’s Other Custom-Designed Landscape Features

To further upgrade your landscape project beyond contemporary path lights, consider our portfolio of additional custom-designed landscape water features and metal landscape features.

You may view photograph examples of some of these landscape enhancements by visiting Pathmark Innovation’s Website Gallery.

Consult with our product design experts to create a customized version of any product to fit your current or future projects.

Growing the Market with Retailers and Landscape Contractors

Pathmark Innovation is fully committed to the outstanding virtues and potential for its contemporary path lights and modern outdoor lighting products. Because of our company’s deep-seated commitment to the market viability of our modern outdoor contemporary lighting, we welcome retailers and landscape contractors to become independent distributors of our unique, beautiful, and long-lasting landscape products.

How to CONTACT US at Pathmark Innovation

To learn more about Pathmark Innovation’s path lights, contemporary landscape lighting, and other stainless steel custom outdoor creations that will enhance your landscaping projects, we offer several ways to reach out to our team of professionals.

If you wish to complete a Request for Quote, find the RFQ Form by clicking here.

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