Limited Warranty

Our warranty guarantees that products will be free of defects in material and workmanship when the products are installed, operated, and maintained according to supplied instructions, applicable codes and regulations, and under conditions of normal use for the time periods defined below. Damages caused by power surges or any fluctuation in the electrical grid, misuse, abuse, or acts of God (e.g. lightning strike) are not covered by our warranty. Likewise, Pathmark Innovation, LLC, shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages including labor charges to repair, replace, install, or remove its product(s).

Brass & Stainless Steel Path Lights

Brass & Stainless Steel fixtures hold a lifetime warranty on their overall construction and socket assembly.  

Aluminum Path Lights​

Aluminum Path Lights hold a 5-year warranty on their overall construction and socket assembly. Aluminum fixtures are not meant for use in caustic environments (coastal or inter-coastal). Installation or use of aluminum products in caustic environments will void the warranty.  ​

Bulbs and Stakes

LED bulbs are not covered by warranty. However, each bulb included has a 50,000-hour estimated life. Pathmark Innovation reserves the right to evaluate and consider at its own discretion some incidences of bulb failure for replacement on a case by case basis. Lamps are not integrated and can be easily replaced if necessary. Bulb life is maximized when usage is limited to 12 hours per day.  

Stakes are not covered by warranty.


  • Powder Coating. It is possible for powder coatings to discolor or blister when exposed to sunlight, irrigation systems, reclaimed water, sea water, acid rain, and other sources of aggressive agents. Powder coat finishes are warrantied for one year against such occurrences. Damage to the coatings resulting from physical accident or abuse are not covered by warranty.
  • Brass Patina. It is normal for natural brass to patina, oxidize, and change colors. Normal patina including residue build ups from outside contaminants is normal for natural metals and part of the authentic beauty of solid brass in outdoor environments and ​is not covered by warranty. We also cannot warrant that all the product will tarnish, patina, or age evenly or in the same manner as other products of the same material. 
  • Brushed Stainless. Brushed stainless fixtures have no warranty on finish.  

To Initiate a Warranty Claim:​

  1. Call us at (702) 745-1158. Troubleshoot the problem with a representative and/or request a Return Authorization Number. For warranty service on products or components with less than lifetime warranty, you will be asked to provide the original transaction receipt. We will provide return shipping instructions.  
  2. Return the items. If after troubleshooting your item(s), it is deemed by us there is reasonable probability of defect, return the items to the address provided by the representative. Make sure your assigned Return Authorization Number is clearly displayed on the outside of all returned packages. Also separately place the number on a blank piece of paper inside each package. This is necessary to match your package to the correct warranty request.
  3. Claim is processed. Once your item is received, we will inspect and test it within 3 business days. If the item is defective, we will notify you and process a repair, replacement, or refund within 3 additional business days. Pathmark Innovation will pay to ship any replacement items back to you. If items are deemed to be in good working condition then customer will be responsible for return shipping costs. Your cooperation with our team during the initial troubleshooting phase can help eliminate potential cost associated with the return of non-defective items.