About Us & Our Modern Pathway Lighting

Innovation in Outdoor Path Lighting, Water Features, and Landscape Furnishings

Creating beautiful modern pathway lighting requires an artistic eye and plenty of trade knowledge!

With 20 years of creating modern pathway lighting and high-end custom landscape creations, Adam Carter – Pathmark’s co-founder and product designer – knows what sets a yard or public space apart from others. 

Adam’s eye for detail is why he and his wife Kodi developed their line of premium pathway lighting fixtures, custom landscape furnishings, and water features. They also believed quality and attention to detail had been sacrificed to big business. 

Adam and Kodi Carter

Fabricating modern pathway lighting and other custom outdoor items since 2002

As a residential landscape contractor, Adam’s clients often requested custom fountains, trellises, and planter boxes. Adam would design and then fabricate these items during his off hours. 

As his client list grew via word-of-mouth, he noticed that the path lights available on the market had two major drawbacks: contemporary styling and strength. Seeing a need, Adam created his own line of modern-style path lights to match his customers’ modern architecture.

After being asked to spec out a job requiring 54 path lights, Adam created a prototype and showed it to the client — who loved it and asked for 13 additional lights, for a total of 67 lights.

Custom path lighting

Adam then came up with new styles that embodied a modern look and feel. With each installation, word-of-mouth grew because the modern pathway lighting fixtures were beautiful and unbreakable.

Adam and Kodi have since exhibited their LED path lights at the AOLP Illuminate Expo (a landscape lighting trade show) each year and have enjoyed working with many of the attendees.   Many outdoor lighting professionals appreciate the fact that Pathmark’s path lights are designed and manufactured in the United States using domestic materials, including US-sourced steel.

About Pathmark Innovation

Today, Pathmark Lumination sells nationwide to landscape designers and architects.

All products are manufactured in the USA of highest quality materials – and are designed to add beauty, elegance and uncompromised functionality to any landscape.

Professional Modern Pathway Lighting

What are the advantages of having modern path lights at your home?

1. Modern Lighting Creates Beautiful Curb Appeal

If you live in the United States and you need professional path lighting, Pathmark Lumination will definitely be happy to provide you with that. With the best modern path lights, you´re able to create a warm, inviting landscape that can create a more peaceful & inviting atmosphere for your family.

2. Outdoor Lighting Adds Safety

Path lights not only beautify your home, but they also promote safety for you and your family. They illuminate walkways, entrances, and backyards to ensure safe navigation for you and your guests and prevent injuries from tripping and falling. Our customers get the best modern pathway lighting because aside from ensuring value in our path light´s quality, we also value the satisfaction of our business partners and customers.

3. Outdoor Lighting Increases the Value of your Home

You won´t believe the difference light makes as a wonderful complement to your home or office! Modern pathway lighting will increase the value of your home. Moreover, a well-lit home is more attractive to buyers, which gives you an advantage if you´re looking to sell your home in the future. Plus, our path lights are made in the USA, ensuring superior quality from the experts. 

For the best modern and professional path lighting equipment, Pathmark Innovation is the way to go.

Path lights made in the USA! Guaranteed quality & superior customer service!