At Pathmark Innovation, the need for the highest-quality modern path lights & other landscape products fuels our creativity and mission.

From our elegant yet unbreakable stainless steel modern path lights to our custom rain features and pergola kits, we pride ourselves on designing and creating innovative products that meet the highest standard of beauty, style, and durability. We have a passion for creating high-quality, modern architectural landscape features. 

All Pathmark lighting and ornamental products are Made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Please take a walk through our website to see how we can add unique beauty and uncompromised functionality to your clients’ landscapes.

While we manufacture durable, high-quality modern landscape lighting for landscape lighting professionals throughout the United States, we also design and build custom, residential landscape furnishings for clients in our local area of Las Vegas, Nevada.
As a full-service design-build company, with an extensive background in landscape lighting, we are always available to help you envision a design that will delight your client. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and proudly design and manufacture all of our products in the USA.

For our local clients, we design and build unique stainless steel custom water features, including:

Additionally, we design and build steel custom outdoor furnishings, including:

Modern Path Lights Made of Stainless Steel for Landscape Lighting Professionals

For outdoor landscape lighting professionals, Pathmark Innovation manufactures durable, stainless steel modern path lights and other accessories to match a range of preferences.

Versatile, modern path lights illuminate walkways and driveways to highlight landscape features, adjacent plants, and other features. Our path lighting ranges from small and subtle to more extensive and decorative.

Our style embodies a modern look and feel to provide a contemporary look to front yards, rear patios, gazebos, or other destinations on a property.  They can also be used to frame a specific area or feature on a property.

All Pathmark Innovation modern landscape lighting designs meet the highest standards of beauty, style, and durability and are customizable to adapt to any specific property needs. The unbreakable stainless-steel designs add elegance, distinction and charm.

Pathmark Innovation products are all Made in the USA.

LED Powers Our Modern Path Lights

Our LED lighting is energy-efficient, long-lasting and unique.

These low-voltage path and garden lights offer the most effective and efficient way to illuminate a property while staying cool to the touch. Once installed, LED Lighting becomes hassle-free and can include a digital timer to allow you to choose on and off times.

Modern Path Lights — a Win for You & Your Clients

When a modern look is a priority in a contemporary landscape lighting plan, Pathmark Innovation products will end your search for a beautiful and dramatic outdoor lighting scheme.

Whether you are providing direction to the customer’s front door, outdoor living area, or a route through their carefully manicured garden, Pathmark Innovation modern path lights will impress even the most discerning of customers — and lead the way safely. 

Let us know what type of project you have in the works. We can help you choose which products will work best. Our goal is to offer landscape professionals modern path lighting solutions that will enhance their client’s property to increase curb appeal, attract positive attention, provide a clearly marked route to a doorway — or elsewhere — and add an extra measure of safety and security for guests. 

Impact of Modern Path Lights

As all professional landscape and lighting design companies know, creating a beautifully illuminated landscape requires both an artistic eye and extensive trade knowledge. Having been in the lighting business for over 20 years, we understand which products are the most durable and energy-efficient, while offering all aesthetic values and benefits. 

High-quality, durable Pathmark modern path lights consist of small posts with a built-in light source which illuminates the ground without directing any light towards the eyes of pedestrians.  Spacing the fixtures along the edges of the route provides a secure, well-lit pathway that can increase the value of a home.

Modern path lights by Pathmark Lumination can frame any specific area or a particular feature of the client’s landscape. Consider arranging these along a backyard pathway, around a pond or garden, or along a driveway.

Pathmark Innovation’s clients are often amazed at the result of their modern outdoor path-lighting installations. By illuminating each walkway, the lighting provides a safer, more visible route that can also project drama and add beauty to the landscape.

Modern landscape lighting also deters potential intruders as modern architectural lighting elements can be strategically placed to minimize dark areas and expose any suspicious activity.

Pathmark Innovation Modern Path Lighting Options

It is a general rule that landscape lighting fixtures should be hidden and that you should see only the effect of the light source but not the fixtures themselves.

However, with path lights, the fixtures must be visible. Therefore, they should be attractive and visually compatible with their surroundings, while providing sufficient illumination.

That is why Pathmark Innovation has created sleek and elegant modern path lighting elements that are both functional and beautiful. You can visit the Pathmark Lumination gallery of beautifully designed, modern path light fixtures by clicking here.

The Pathmark Lumination portfolio of path lighting fixtures is unequaled when it comes to style, performance, and durability. Each is fabricated from high-quality, heavy-gauge stainless steel involving a single piece and a welded design that is unbreakable. The units require no assembly.

These beautiful modern path lights are made from stainless steel and may be brushed or powder coated. Custom orders may accommodate different heights or colors at an additional cost.

The lamps for Pathmark Lumination modern architectural light fixtures are non-integrated, so they may be replaced when necessary rather than replacing the entire unit.

And the water-tight electrical connectors provide a solid and durable connection.

Pro Tips for Installing Modern Path Lights

When installing modern outdoor path lighting, the height of the light source is essential.  The taller the fixture, the more light spread is achieved.  Pathmark Lumination modern path lights are available in a variety of heights. 

Generally, the path lights should be installed within a foot of each side of the pathway for sufficient illumination.  For best results, light cast across the walkway should be primarily uniform, with some overlap. Always pay attention to the diameter of the lighting around the fixture, and be sure not to overcrowd the fixtures.

All Pathmark Lumination modern path lights are sturdy and made from materials that resist corrosion and wear. Powder-coated finishes have a long-term resistance to the prevailing weather conditions.

Creative Modern Path Lights — So Many Possibilities! 

If needed, the design-build professionals at Pathmark Lumination will work with you to explain the options available to achieve your desired landscape lighting outcome. The mission of the Pathmark Lumination lighting expert team is to allow you to choose what best matches your own style and landscaping vision.

Custom Outdoor Creations from Pathmark Innovation

Pathmark Innovation offers other unique and stylish modern landscape elements to highlight other areas of the property.

These additional elegant outdoor elements include:

Landscape Water Features

Pathmark Innovation Water Features provide the soothing sight and sound of flowing and falling water that create a focal point or accent to your landscape designs. Choices include a lineup of customized Rain Curtains, Scupper Fountains, Tower Fountains, and Tree Fountains that are perfect for courtyards, gardens, atriums, pools, and more.

Additional Décor for Residential Landscapes

Not simply focused on lighting, the artisans at Pathmark have created a range of other custom options like bed swings, steel trellises, and planter boxes that will enhance the ambiance of any exterior landscape.

Work with Pathmark Innovation for Custom Garden Path Solutions

The professionals at Pathmark Innovation, headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, are dedicated to designing and fabricating durable, elegant, and modern architectural lighting and other solutions and would be happy to consult with your team to identify the best, most effective, and most dramatic path lighting designs for your client’s property. The solution will coordinate with all elements of the landscape while providing pathway lighting fixtures durable enough to withstand all of nature’s forces — including the most extreme weather conditions and excessive UV. 

Whether you are installing the lighting for a commercial or residential property, modern architectural lighting can truly enhance its prestige. With a tastefully illuminated pathway or building access, you can project an enhanced sense of style and thoughtful design while providing safe access.

To add drama to the approach to the property while enhancing its security, contact Pathmark Lumination to create or upgrade a client’s home or commercial building access with custom-designed, durable, and elegantly-styled modern path lights.

Visit the Pathmark Innovation website to view some of their current modern architectural lighting options.

You may contact Pathmark Innovation at (702)-745-1158.

To schedule a consultation regarding your modern landscape path lighting or other creative landscape design needs, complete the brief Request a Quote Form, and one of the Pathmark Innovation experts will contact you promptly.