“We broke 3 styles of stakes trying to break it.”

A contractor called several months ago explaining that a client of his was having trouble with broken path lights and he needed a strong fixture. We explained that Pathmark fixtures were unbreakable. With some skepticism, he ordered a sample. Upon receiving the path light, he shot back a snarky email with his opinion of the plastic endpiece on our Englert L fixture. I briefly explained to him that the plastic cap is just cosmetic and simply closes up the base of the fixture. The threaded nipple, however, is welded solid in two half-inch lengths up the sides of the fixture. Despite the appearance of the plastic cap, there is no possible way this path light could break at the base.

A couple of hours later, he emailed back with this response:

”Nevermind! It is as advertised! We are impressed. We broke 3 styles of stakes trying to break it.”

Thank you, Josh Reeves of Midwest Lightscaping, for testing the limits of our products and for your great testimonial as to the build strength of our path lights.

Welded Path Light Base