“See the Effect [of the Light] and not the source.”

A man named Bill Locklin was one of the greats in landscape lighting history and can be given credit for inventing low-voltage outdoor lighting. He said, “See the effect [of the light] and not the source [of the light].” We have heard so many contractors use this phrase over the years that we could not attempt to count them. It is a very important principle in the outdoor lighting industry.

So where do path lights fit into that concept?

There are many contractors that avoid path lights completely for that very reason. Path lights are inherently visible fixtures. They must be attractive because they cannot be hidden.

We have said many times that path lights have to work twice as hard as all the other types of landscape lights. They not only have to cast perfect light after dark, but they must also compliment the landscape during the day.

Many homeowners enjoy shopping for the exact path lights that fit their individual style and the architecture of their home. It’s another way to be distinctive.

The source of the light, in our case, enhances.

But Pathmark Lumination fixtures aren’t just pretty–they are built to last.