a well-lit landscape requires an artistic eye, plenty of trade knowledge, and years of experience.  With 18 years of high-end custom landscape experience, Pathmark Lumination designer, Adam Carter, knows what sets a yard apart from others. That is why he and his wife, Kodi, have developed their line of premium pathway lighting. “The landscape lighting industry needed something different,” expresses Kodi. “Every fixture out there was just more of the same.” In today’s market, it is difficult to find path lighting that is both stylish and sturdy.  Pathmark Lumination fixtures have a fresh look and incomparable durability.


Most path lights available today are made with the thinnest possible materials.  Adam and Kodi believe quality has been largely sacrificed to big business.  “Even where good materials have been used,  the metal is very thin--not welded,” observes Adam.  “Most fixtures have plastic assembly components that break when kicked or hit by a ball. We have really enjoyed creating a quality product that is obviously heavier-grade.”


Growing the company based on customer demand, owner-founders, Adam and Kodi Carter have created a solid foundation for a solid product.  “For years, we sold them only to our existing landscape customers. Whenever we gave them the anonymous choice between ours and other brands, they almost always chose ours.  It was encouraging,” relates Kodi.  After years of a proven product under their belts, Adam and Kodi have made their distinctive path lights available to everyone.  The brand is growing steadily and with good reason.  Pathmark Lumination fixtures are that “something different” for every kind of landscape. 

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